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Even curtains suffer from soiling! If things like dust, traffic film, soot, tobacco etc is left in them for too long, they become inground and more difficult to remove. That's why it is recommended to have your curtain cleaning in st albans carried out by CleanPro.

But whether your curtains are dry cleaned by machine and/or hand (depending on the fabric), you can rest assured they will feel softer, look brighter and dust free.

*Combine this with our fire retardant service to ensure your home is safe for your family - ask for details.

Your curtains were probably an expensive part of your furnishing, so it is a wise precaution to keep them clean and looking good. Have you ever examined your swags, tails and pelmets to see how much dust has collected on the surfaces? Just like carpets, your curtains act as air-filters. They catch and hold airborne dust and odours. Test this for yourself with a simple sniff-test. Pace the curtain fabric close to your nose and smell. You will soon know if they are fresh and clean, or stale and dirty.
CleanPro has a cure for stale, offensive and dirty curtains. We clean curtains, swags, tails and pelmets - all on-site, as they hang. With this service there is no need to take your curtains down.

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